Why Sell Great Side-Boards?

I was sick and tired of umpiring at sites with side-boards that were warped, twisted, and snaking left and right down the side-lines. I decided the best thing I could do for the players was start a company and make high quality side-boards available to everyone. Don't let bad boards ruin the game!

Cris Maloney

Welcome to Side-Boards.com

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Our side-boards do not twist or warp. The entire playing surface of each board is smooth from top-to-bottom; end-to-end. No tools are required to interlock our side-boards.

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Pitch-Perfect Side-Boards

Developed following research by Cris Maloney, the following video provides an up close look at what Maloney calls the Pitch-Perfect™ side-board. In the video, Maloney uses a sample piece cut for easy handling (actual product is 12 feet in length). Other dimensions are the same as actual product.

Made from aluminum, the Pitch-Perfect is precisely engineered to meet FIH specifications. Each section is 12 feet 6 inches long (12 feet of playing surface) to enhanced stability. The playing surface is so smooth we gave it a name -- Pitch-Perfect -- and has a 10mm downward slope on the pitch-side.

We've tested the Pitch-Perfect and found that its playing response is closer to wood than that of other non-wood products. In the long run, purchasing Pitch-Perfect side-boards for your facility will save you time and money and, in the meantime, you'll have the best possible playing experience.

The Pitch-Perfect provides a HIGH degree of consistency on rebounds and, therefore, predictable playability. Even when a hard push is sent into a Pitch-Perfect side-board, the ball stays on the pitch. In fact, even when a ball that is several inches off the pitch strikes a Pitch-Perfect side-board, it is deflected onto the pitch because the board is angled 10mm, meeting the FIH's specifications. The following video shows an earlier version of our side-boards with only a 3mm slope in action.

A specially designed connection keeps adjacent boards aligned. Floor protection pads are installed on each end of each Pitch-Perfect side-board. Finishing caps are made to order.

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