Why Sell Great Side-Boards?

I was sick and tired of umpiring at sites with side-boards that were warped, twisted, and snaking left and right down the side-lines. I decided the best thing I could do for the players was start a company and make high quality side-boards available to everyone. Don't let bad boards ruin the game!

Cris Maloney

Welcome to Side-Boards.com

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Our side-boards do not twist or warp. The entire playing surface of each board is smooth from top-to-bottom; end-to-end. No tools are required to interlock our side-boards. In addition, we sell a cart/trolley for storing and moving the boards. Further, we sell goal cages and Poly Board upgrades for Elixir indoor and outdoor field hockey cages.

All of our products are described on this page.

Pitch-Perfect Side-Boards

Developed following research by field hockey's Cris Maloney, the following video provides an up close look at what Maloney calls the Pitch-Perfect™ side-board. In the video, Maloney uses a sample piece cut for easy handling (actual product is 3 meters/10 feet in length). Other dimensions are the same as actual product.

Made from aluminum, the Pitch-Perfect is precisely engineered to meet FIH specifications. Each section is 10 feet 6 inches long (10 feet/3 meters of playing surface) to enhanced stability. The playing surface is so smooth we gave it a name -- Pitch-Perfect -- and has a 10mm downward slope on the pitch-side.

We've tested the Pitch-Perfect and found that its playing response is closer to wood than that of other non-wood products. In the long run, purchasing Pitch-Perfect side-boards for your facility will save you time and money and, in the meantime, you'll have the best possible playing experience.

The Pitch-Perfect provides a HIGH degree of consistency on rebounds and, therefore, predictable playability. Even when a hard push is sent into a Pitch-Perfect side-board, the ball stays on the pitch. In fact, even when a ball that is several inches off the pitch strikes a Pitch-Perfect side-board, it is deflected onto the pitch because the board is angled 10mm, meeting the FIH's specifications. The following video shows an earlier version of our side-boards with only a 3mm slope in action.

A specially designed connection keeps adjacent boards aligned. Floor protection pads are installed on each end of each Pitch-Perfect side-board. Finishing caps are made to order.

Elixir Storage Cart/Trolley

The storage cart, shown in the video below, helps you store and move up to 28 boards.


Goal Cages

Elixir Collapsible

The Elixir Collapsible goal cage is great for indoor facilities with limited storage. Shown below is the cage in it's open position and ready for storage. Please note that the Elixir Collapsible does NOT have bottom boards.



Poly Boards - Upgrade your cages!

You can upgrade Elixir's Standard and Deluxe goal cages (indoor or outdoor) or your existing Elixir goals by replacing the plywood bottom boards with Elixir PolyBoards. They're made of 3/4" high-density polyethylene and are nearly indestructible. Available in black, red, green, and blue. IMPORTANT: These PolyBoards upgrades are ONLY available for Elixir goal cages.

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